Tom Sykes raskest i siste WSBK-test

Tom Sykes:
– We were fast this morning and also this afternoon in hot conditions, improving our time compared to yesterday. Overall we did a bit more testing today and certainly stumbled across a couple of good things,
and at the end we did 14 laps on race tyres and it was very consistent, with the times coming easier than they were doing with previous settings. Kawasaki has made a massive effort over the winter period and
there is no doubt the latest Ninja ZX-10R racebike has improved a lot from last year’s feedback so this year it was only natural to progress.

Carlos Checa:
– We finished our job this morning and we just were testing a little bit more to confirm different things, and once I had confirmed that the ‘war’ was over. I feel comfortable, finally, with the last settings. We used the large tyre and the small tyre, and we worked out which settings to use for each one, and we just wanted to save the bike and the engine for the weekend, when the conditions will probably be a bit different and we will need to know which tyres will come for the race. Our base set-up is comfortable, this track is good for Ducati and I believe we did a good job from the first test until now.

Tider mandag-tirsdag:
1. Sykes (Kawasaki) 1’31″648;
2. Checa (Ducati) 1’31″652;
3. Smrz (Ducati) 1’31″800;
4. Rea (Honda) 1’31″913;
5. Biaggi (Aprilia) 1’32″034;
6. Melandri (BMW) 1’32″232;
7. Giugliano (Ducati) 1’32″319;
8. Camier (Suzuki) 1’32″320;
9. Guintoli (Ducati) 1’32″347;
10. Haslam (BMW) 1’32″397;
11. Lascorz (Kawasaki) 1’32″540;
12. Fabrizio (BMW) 1’32″605;
13. Canepa (Ducati) 1’32″746;
14. Aoyama (Honda) 1’32″910;
15. Berger (Ducati) 1’32″911;
16. Badovini (BMW) 1’32″948;

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