Rossi leter etter flere HK

Her er Rossis egne ord vi har fått på mail fra Yamaha i dag om denne testingen:

«Today we worked a lot on bike set-up and we’ve tried a few different directions, focusing mainly on the new rear fork we have from Ohlins and on the braking. What we’ve seen and understood today is very positive and this makes me very confident about the next few days of testing.»

«We decided to come back to Sepang, where there would be fewer teams testing, in order to be more relaxed and less focused on lap times. This is the way we are planning to work throughout the test. Anyway, my lap times are already fast so of course we’ll keep trying to improve in the next two days.»

«Tomorrow we will concentrate more on working with Michelin and testing new tyres. At the moment we’re waiting for some new engine parts from Japan; we’re looking for more horsepower, but this is the bike we have and I am very happy about how things are going at the moment.»

Tror du han finner nok hestekrefer til å vinne GP i år?



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