Kona selger mannens turbo-Triumph

Alison og Tony Raynor bor i East Lancashire i England, og sistnevnte har alltid vært glad i motorsykler. Tony har modifisert en Triumph Rocket III, blant annet med turbo, og nå er denne til salgs.

Alison fikk gleden av å skrive annonsen. Vi lar teksten stå på engelsk for å ikke å ødelegge noe av humoren.

“My husband’s 300BHP monster cruiser is up for sale and I’m finally getting the lounge pimped with the proceeds!

The selfish git has spent several kitchens turning this into an overpowered drag sofa. The TTS supercharger, forged pistons, Triumph off road pipes, intercooler and Tuneboy software (circa £7,000) mean that this ridiculous beast can truly make your teeth curl. It is actually only 299 hp at the back wheel but that is more than enough to cure the most rigid of constipations.

This supercharged & intercooled Rocket III Roadster comes with a free set of ear plugs in case that you want to retain your hearing. I would advise married men not to bother with these so as to quell the screams of their soon to be ex-wives. If you think that you are man enough message me and I will reply with the imbecile’s phone number so that you can speak endless drivel together.»

I skrivende stund har rundt 16 000 sett annonsen, og det høyeste budet ligger på 10 000 pund. Tony forklarte det hele slik overfor The Daily Mail:

– The way it works is I get a new bike and she gets a new kitchen.



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