Barbera anholdt for mishandling

Barbera, som kjører for Avintia Racing Team, ble værende i Jerez etter den siste MotoGP-runden. Det som skulle være noen dagers kvalitetstid sammen med kjæresten, endte på en helt annen måte. Etter en krangel i de tidlige morgentimer fredag måtte kvinnen legges inn på sykehus.

Spanske lover er strikte når det gjelder vold i parforhold. Derfor ble faktisk begge umiddelbart dømt for mishandel…
Barbera fikk seks måneders fengsel, og damen fem.

Anken fra Barbera førte derimot til samfunnstjeneste, og kjæresten slipper straff, da hun ikke er tidligere straffedømt.
Hector Barbera, derimot, er tidligere tatt for fyllekjøring.

Pr. nå vites det ikke om Barbera får delta i neste runde på Le Mans.
Pressemeldingen hans lyder slik:

‘With regards to the information that has appeared in various media, I would like to clarify the events that took place on the night of (Thursday) 9th May.

I am not proud of what happened, so I apologise right now to all of those it is necessary and especially my family, friends and colleagues from my team who genuinelly know me well.

In this process, assuming my responsibilities, I feel (and the court agrees) that I was also affected and assaulted.

Following the complaints that have been put forward, I have followed the protocol in-line with these types of situations. Once both parties had put forward their court statements they were visited by foresic experts, who confirmed the injuries caused by myself, but out of respect I am not going to give more details on this. Subsequently, both parties accept the decision of the Court of Jerez.

Alongside my former partner, I have attempted this resolution, not just to end the trial but also the unjust treatment that I have suffered both socially and in the media, so undeservingly as many accusations have seriously misjuged the truth; unjust evaluations have been made towards me, based on mere rumours.

I have two sisters, I grew up with them as the only boy and we were were always together; it would never occur to me to hurt neither a woman nor anybody else. I am totally against the abuse of both women and men. I consider this a very sensitive issue and that many women are genuinely suffering from such things, so I believe this particular case is taking advantage of the laws protecting them.

From this moment onwards I consider the matter settled and have the firm intention to continue as usual with my sporting career, referring any future clarifications to my legal department.’





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