Motorcycle Owning Cost

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Motorcycle Owning Cost

Hi, I am planning to move to Norway, Oslo in general. I wanted to ask about the cost of owning a motorcycle.
I have an A2 driving license so I am interested in motos like mt-03, bmw 310r something like that.
If you could write me all the expenses from insurance i have to pay, any taxes, and road taxes. and whatever expenses it has.
Thank you in advance

Insurance: ride, age and address dependent ca 5000 p.a.

Annual Road tax 1960

Numbers are approximate

I am 32 and I am riding for more than 5 years.
And I am asking about Oslo.
So if I understood correctly is approximately 7000kr annually?

It will be lower if you just have the lowest level of insurance (if you got a bike not worth much it may be the way to go),but it will be 1960+insurance basically.

So except the road taxes and the insurance, i don't pay any taxes for owning a moto?

Insurance rates differ. So you have to get quotes before deciding. All registered companies in Norway are "Dependable" within reason.

MC does not pay road toll, normally. Some exceptions. Parking is either free or the same rate as cars, but several bikes can share a space.

Expect to be fined regularly if speeding. Any twitches can result in loss of license.

I have a ZX10R fully insured, that costs 7000+/- nok in premiums, with 75% reduced you get the point.... Hot bikes cost plenty to insure.

Whether or not you can get reduced insurance rates is uncertain. Don't know if UK driving history is accepted as "experience".

But no other taxes, and no MOT inspections, yet...

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